Rangers Lodge, Best Homestay in Corbett Tiger Reserve

Imrans Jungle Home in Corbett

   Nov 10

Valuable information on the Tiger habitats on the World Science Day i.e 10th November

  All of us possibly know the fact that the tiger is the guardian of humanity since they protect the forests and let the process of natural selection flow through all the strata of the forest food chain. Being the top predator in their habitats, as secondary consumers, they govern the population of primary consumers […]

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   Aug 24

Corbett in rains

I have been off the scene for quite sometime and have lately realised that it is important to spread information every of and then. ┬áThe last 02 months in Corbett have been pretty wet, as it has rained almost every day, evening or night right from the first week of June. The average rainfall in […]

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