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   Aug 24

Corbett in rains

I have been off the scene for quite sometime and have lately realised that it is important to spread information every of and then.  The last 02 months in Corbett have been pretty wet, as it has rained almost every day, evening or night right from the first week of June. The average rainfall in corbett and adjoining landscapes is supposed to be in the range of 1800-2000mm of which 90% precipitates from June to September end.  Till 23rd august the total precipitation has already reached more than 2250mm and we still have a week of august and then the full month of september.  Are we really going to have below average monsoon? NO, not at all.

Also the resortiers and rejortiers on the peripheries of corbett have joined hands towards responsible tourism.  Several important social & environmental issues such as clean corbett, green corbett or no DJ in the open besides an endeavour towards generating a feel of ownership for the destinantion have been seen touched with a great success.  I have been given the task of penning the positiveness of tourism in tiger conservation.  This is for all of us to assess based on the camera trap findings of November 2014 census: “The higher tiger densities are directly proportional to higher tourist densities” or the forests with higher densities of tiger also happen to have higher tourist densities, but this needs to be further researched, as the hard work of the department coupled with sensible tourism practices have definitely shown us the win-win situation for tiger conservation in India, which was otherwise failing.  Compared to the census of 2011, the figures of 2014 have shown a sizeable increase in tiger number and occuoancies but the forests have further shrunk, which I am sure has not happened because of tourism unless a resort or hotel has come up on forest land!

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