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   Mar 16

Corbett loosing its Glory!

Unfortunately, Corbett has recently suffered from large scale poaching, as I can vouch about 10-15 tigers lost from the total of 215 besides the untimely strike by the field staff over petty demands, which the striking staff themselves believe that they may not be met. Who is suffering or has suffered – tigers & the tourists?
Petty demands of the forest dept. took precedence over conservation & tourism. The state of Uttarakhand is moving into a mess unless drastic efforts such as ESMA, etc. are forced upon for everyone’s betterment.
Mind Boggling: 125Kg of bones without skulls, 05 tiger skins seized, 04 uncaught poachers ran away with 04 more skins, 40+ ditches found as against 20+ claimed in the combing, field staff out of the forest check posts, no patrolling thereby leasing time to poachers to go at large. What a mockery of conservation & tourism??!! The state has boasted of the two & look at the situation of the two resources.
Good & great that the stakeholders have themselves taken up the cause of the two.A dead tiger

Adamkhor Mara F3 .wmv


Adamkhor Mara F3 .wmv

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