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   Apr 17

The Ranger’s Story

In early 1970’s till about late 1980’s, I used to accompany my Grandfathers, both paternal & maternal, on the shikars close to our ancestral farmlands along River Kosi, and as a young child I had developed a special bonding with the island forests amidst croplands & the loads of ungulates taking refuge in them, as […]

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   Aug 12

The tragedy of Wildlife Tourism

The timely interventions of the Hon’ble High Court of Uttarakhand in the existing practices of wildlife tourism in and around Corbett besides other relevant issues directly related to the tiger conservation in Corbett have amply revealed not only the failure of the state Govt. in presenting its case through various affidavits as well as their […]

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   May 22

Tigeress in Distress

The Chief wildlife warden, Uttarakhand, has warned all the wildlife operators in Corbett against naming the tigers. This is the right step and I fully support it. During my first visit to Dhikala in this season, I was shocked to see the impacting enthusiasm of gypsy drivers as well as the big lens owner photographers. […]

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   May 19

Golden langurs in Chaprashilla WLS, Assam

Visited Assam after a gap of 25 years. The first & the foremost objective was to see Golden Langurs in Chaprashilla WLS. The Chaprashilla WLS is spread over Dhubri & korajhaar districts of Assam in an area above 45sqkm. Initially declared a reserve forest in 1966 by Assam Govt., was finally declared a sanctuary in […]

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   Jan 15

Pin-Tailed Green Pigeon

Corbett is a repository of lifers, I mean the air-borne species and the word ” lifer” is for those who have got addicted to twitching. The Landscape of Corbett including Corbett tiger reserve and the forests adjoining it on the eastern, southern, north-eastern and north-western side are the richest in species among 14 bird groups […]

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   Aug 24

Corbett in rains

I have been off the scene for quite sometime and have lately realised that it is important to spread information every of and then.  The last 02 months in Corbett have been pretty wet, as it has rained almost every day, evening or night right from the first week of June. The average rainfall in […]

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   Apr 02

sundarkhal man eater tiger interview by imran khan


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   Mar 16

VIDEO A Home stay with a difference


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   Mar 15

A homestay with a difference

The New Look of Our Homestay- By Imran Khan We will be hosting an event called “AN EVENING WITH MR.IMRAN KHAN” Where we shall Discuss on various points related to wildlife conservation, safety measures while doing safari. Share our experience & our love towards saving tigers Knowing about the famous tiger trails Learning about the […]

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   Jan 15


One of the heaviest monsoons, especially the early incessant showers, of our times had left the writing on the wall for a severe winter.  The winter is probably the best time to view Corbett landscape in its entirety.  The landscape, offering multitude of habitats with their unique floristic and faunistic diversity spell one of the […]

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