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   May 22

Tigeress in Distress

The Chief wildlife warden, Uttarakhand, has warned all the wildlife operators in Corbett against naming the tigers. This is the right step and I fully support it. During my first visit to Dhikala in this season, I was shocked to see the impacting enthusiasm of gypsy drivers as well as the big lens owner photographers. I support wildlife tourism for a different reason. This tigress supposedly named after its regular sightings across Ramganga had adapted to a peculiar behavior of coming, morning & evening, to the far end branch of Ramganga river, obviously posing to everybody without fail. She had been doing for more than a month till my visit. Her cubs had not been sighted for more than 2 months. Despite posing to the clicking cameras for more than 30 minutes in a session, she was callously chased time & again. I had furiously objected to it. The ball may go into the court of Hon’ble Supreme Court and I do not want to suffer, as I would never support this kind of tourism. I also captured few shots in the evening while she posed for less than 8 minutes. Time to introspect!!!1-_MG_3775
















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  1. Self-awareness of all tourists is the key I guess, something sorely lacking especially in India. So many think that the only purpose of visiting national parks is to take pictures and the only responsibility of animals is to pose as models for the photographers! We can only hope that with more time and education, this will improve.

    One thing though about naming tigers.Sometimes it helps build awareness and relationship with the general public. Imagine something like poisoning happening to famous tigers like Maya of Tadoba and Collarwali of Pench, etc. It would help to crystallize protest and anger and awareness and force authorities to at least give the impression of doing something to correct the situation. Having a name sometimes helps!

    Wonderful shots of the tigress though, was a pleasure to see!!! Thank you so much for sharing.

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