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   May 25

Tri Colured Long Tailed Shrike in Bijrani

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hello !!
An interesting incident happened on 12th of March at Bijrani. While observing a pair of brown fish owl on the road to ringora, i had met a gypsy carrying a couple fully attired in passionate wildlifer’s fatigue along with 7D Mark III Canon loaded with 400mm. They investigated whether i had ever seen a tri-colored long tailed shrike,which is otherwise reported from Arunachal & Assam. I had seen quite a few of them in Pobitara, Laokhowa and Orang Wildlife Santuaries during my tenure in Assam way back in 1989-90. Anyways, they finally guided me to Ringora grassland and also assisted me in spotting the bird. Yes, they were absolutely correct in identifying the bird- the Tri-colored long tailed shrike(concentrate on the black head and the two flanks with the prominent black markings). Later on, the conversation revealed that somehow my passion had instigated theirs when they had met me in 1996. My interpretation of the migratory pattern of “KAIPHAL PAKEYO” cuckoo(India plaintive cuckoo) had convinced them that I deserved to be their mentor and they followed it all along. They both are renowned dentists from Mumbai (they must be doing good, as they find time to invest with nature and still have the abilities to learn and grasp!). This was one of the greatest satisfaction of my life, as my passion had helped someone inculcate an interest in nature. I am sure they must have clicked better ones than the ones attached for all of you here. An additional exploration revealed few more interesting birds, as present in this album. Please keep encouraging.




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