Rangers Lodge, Best Homestay in Corbett Tiger Reserve

Imrans Jungle Home in Corbett

Golden langurs in Chaprashilla WLS, Assam

Visited Assam after a gap of 25 years. The first & the foremost objective was to see Golden Langurs in Chaprashilla WLS. The Chaprashilla WLS is spread over Dhubri & korajhaar districts of Assam in an area above 45sqkm. Initially declared a reserve forest in 1966 by Assam Govt., was finally declared a sanctuary in […] Read more »

Tourism & Tigers: a WIN WIN situation for all

Seizure of 05 tiger skins coupled with untimely strike by the field staff of the forest dept. has forced people like us to check the permits and let the visitors in, as we do not want tourism to suffer at any cost and the state to suffer its reputation. The district administration and the top […] Read more »

Corbett loosing its Glory!

Unfortunately, Corbett has recently suffered from large scale poaching, as I can vouch about 10-15 tigers lost from the total of 215 besides the untimely strike by the field staff over petty demands, which the striking staff themselves believe that they may not be met. Who is suffering or has suffered – tigers & the […] Read more »

Pin-Tailed Green Pigeon

Corbett is a repository of lifers, I mean the air-borne species and the word ” lifer” is for those who have got addicted to twitching. The Landscape of Corbett including Corbett tiger reserve and the forests adjoining it on the eastern, southern, north-eastern and north-western side are the richest in species among 14 bird groups […] Read more »

A happy end of 2015

The year 2015 has been a great time for me not only in terms of sharpening my jungle craft & knowledge gained, as I accompanied my guests on more safaris than the previous year, but also gave a reason to smile, as the tiger numbers in Corbett landscape has shown a positive increase against all […] Read more »

Tigers for the guests at The Ranger’s Lodge

It is one of the luckiest days for the guests at The Ranger’s Lodge since there were tiger sightings in both the sessions, AM & PM, of safaris in Jhirna & bijrani respectively. My mentor from WII, D’Dun, BC Chaudhary is here along with his wife besides a young couple from Mumbai. The morning jhirna safari with […] Read more »

Valuable information on the Tiger habitats on the World Science Day i.e 10th November

  All of us possibly know the fact that the tiger is the guardian of humanity since they protect the forests and let the process of natural selection flow through all the strata of the forest food chain. Being the top predator in their habitats, as secondary consumers, they govern the population of primary consumers […] Read more »

Corbett in rains

I have been off the scene for quite sometime and have lately realised that it is important to spread information every of and then.  The last 02 months in Corbett have been pretty wet, as it has rained almost every day, evening or night right from the first week of June. The average rainfall in […] Read more »

Jungle Has Some Friends, Experience Jungle With One Of Them…

                          Corbett National park is all about, wildlife, bird watching and serious wilderness. We should not relate it to a leisure activity only, instead we should relate it to leisure and wilderness, both at one place. And there are few serious people who have […] Read more »