Jan 15

Pin-Tailed Green Pigeon

Corbett is a repository of lifers, I mean the air-borne species and the word ” lifer” is for those who have got addicted to twitching. The Landscape of Corbett including Corbett tiger reserve and the forests adjoining it on the eastern, southern, north-eastern and north-western side are the richest in species among 14 bird groups ranging from Pheasants to button quails, eagles to owls,both small & big, to woodpeckers to cuckoos, parakeets to doves & pigeons & so on.
I was on a safari to Jhirna with Kudles who run their home stay in Landour by the name of Lavilla Bethany, possibly one of the best home stays, as ranked by the Trip Advisor, in the world. Their 08 year old daughter knew, by heart, more than 26 species of dinosaurs after each alphabet of English. I have taken the video of her rhyming all the ….gasters till Z and she had even more than that.
The sighting of the pin-tailed green pigeon was the best beginning of 2016 for me. I had seen a pair long time back very close to Garjia forest rest house and this was my second sighting.
Look forward to seeing more lifers! Happy sightings Imran Khan.IMG_7548












   Jan 04

A happy end of 2015

The year 2015 has been a great time for me not only in terms of sharpening my jungle craft & knowledge gained, as I accompanied my guests on more safaris than the previous year, but also gave a reason to smile, as the tiger numbers in Corbett landscape has shown a positive increase against all the odds with 02 more tigresses in Jhirna & Dhela tourism zones holding the forte with 02 & 03 cubs each respectively.
One of the highlights of the year was the spotting of 05 Ibisbills near Garjia Temple, which are otherwise seen in flocks in Kazakhstan only. The bird has been coming to Corbett either in a loner or two for more than 25 years since I have gained consciousness in wildlife conservation & tourism.
The Ranger’s Lodge also excelled in making more friends of the tigers in their natural habitats. Principally, commercially and morally, the year 2015 has been extremely satisfying and has given the reason to go beyond.









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IMG_1904 - Copy

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   Dec 25

Tigers for the guests at The Ranger’s Lodge

It is one of the luckiest days for the guests at The Ranger’s Lodge since there were tiger sightings in both the sessions, AM & PM, of safaris in Jhirna & bijrani respectively. My mentor from WII, D’Dun, BC Chaudhary is here along with his wife besides a young couple from Mumbai.

The morning jhirna safari with BC yielded a tigress with 02 cubs (What a perfect use of visual language between the cubs & the mother!!) along with black-crested bulbul, great-hornbill, Eurasian griffon, verditer flycatcher, blue-throated barbet & more than 50spp of other birds including an unidentified pipit. The afternoon bijrani safari produced young tigress from the litter of 04 cubs who have all separated from the mother who is looking for a new mate. The highlight of the afternoon safari was a pair of Crested kingfisher at the very end.1-crossing SONY DSC 1-DSCF0529 1-DSCF0586 1-IMG_0466 Blue throated barbet Untitled


   Nov 10

valuable information on the tiger habitats on the World Science Day i.e 10th November

‪+91 90128 12360‬ 20150308_225552 babban 20150215_055625 babban 20150209_182106 ‪+91 90128 12360‬ 20150209_215433 babban 20150222_060458 20150215_092238 babban 20150126_071356 babban 20150131_054212 babban 20150225_063955 babban 20150306_071626 babban 20150227_203550 DSC00129All of us possibly know the fact that tiger is the guardian of humanity since they  protect the forests and let the process of natural selection flow through all the strata of forest food chain. Being the top predator in their habitats, as secondary consumers they govern the population of primary consumers or herbivores who in turn keep a check on the autotrophs structure & function thereby controlling the speciation and the spread of indicator species of plants, which are responsible for the dominance and their associates. Take the example of Corbett landscape where Sal (Shorea robusta) is the dominant tree but grows with different associates on slopes, valleys, plains, along the river beds, plateaus either in Shiwaliks or in lower Himalayas, Bhabar, Terai, etc.  These are the naturally evolved forests, which cannot be planted either by man or by all the technological advances available to man.

Mahabharata says “Do not cut the forests with tigers in it & Do not banish the tigers from the forests. The forest perishes without the tigers and tigers perish without the forests”. This was written some 2000 years ago. You will appreciate the connection here. The oxygen, which we breathe is not manufactured by any machine while the carbon dioxide, which is released by us during our developmental processes amounting to luxuries and necessities of lives is also not sequestered by any machine made by any Govt. or man anywhere in the world. It is the autotrophs who while manufacturing their food through the process of photosysnthesis release oxygen and absorb carbon.

The oxygen producing capacities of naturally evolved bio-diverse forests in multiple habitats is 750 times more than the planted forests such as orchards, plantation to reclaim wastelands, cultivation, plantations along the roads or railway tracks, city forests, etc. Similarly, the oxygen sequestering capacities of naturally evolved forests is 400 times more than the planted forests.  Imagine a situation when the tigers go extinct and the process of natural selection in these bio-diverse forests would stop.  Hunters & poachers would never be able to make up for the loss of tigers to the human kind.

I hope you appreciate all the above. regards imran Khan

   Aug 24

Corbett in rains

I have been off the scene for quite sometime and have lately realised that it is important to spread information every of and then.  The last 02 months in Corbett have been pretty wet, as it has rained almost every day, evening or night right from the first week of June. The average rainfall in corbett and adjoining landscapes is supposed to be in the range of 1800-2000mm of which 90% precipitates from June to September end.  Till 23rd august the total precipitation has already reached more than 2250mm and we still have a week of august and then the full month of september.  Are we really going to have below average monsoon? NO, not at all.

Also the resortiers and rejortiers on the peripheries of corbett have joined hands towards responsible tourism.  Several important social & environmental issues such as clean corbett, green corbett or no DJ in the open besides an endeavour towards generating a feel of ownership for the destinantion have been seen touched with a great success.  I have been given the task of penning the positiveness of tourism in tiger conservation.  This is for all of us to assess based on the camera trap findings of November 2014 census: “The higher tiger densities are directly proportional to higher tourist densities” or the forests with higher densities of tiger also happen to have higher tourist densities, but this needs to be further researched, as the hard work of the department coupled with sensible tourism practices have definitely shown us the win-win situation for tiger conservation in India, which was otherwise failing.  Compared to the census of 2011, the figures of 2014 have shown a sizeable increase in tiger number and occuoancies but the forests have further shrunk, which I am sure has not happened because of tourism unless a resort or hotel has come up on forest land!

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   Nov 12

Jungle Has Some Friends, Experience Jungle With One Of Them…

Corbett national Park, The Rangers Lodge, Home Stay in corbett,














Corbett National park is all about, wildlife, bird watching and serious wilderness. We should not relate it to a leisure activity only, instead we should relate it to leisure and wilderness, both at one place. And there are few serious people who have taken an initiative to cater this wonderful business of BnB.

Imran’s home stay in corbett, is a bnb listed and appreciated in various OTA’S and GDS and ranked better in TripAdvisor, AirBnB, Hotels.com and booking.com

   Mar 16

VIDEO A Home stay with a difference


   Mar 15

A homestay with a difference

The New Look of Our Homestay- By Imran Khan

We will be hosting an event called “AN EVENING WITH MR.IMRAN KHAN”

Where we shall

  • Discuss on various points related to wildlife conservation, safety measures while doing safari.
  • Share our experience & our love towards saving tigers
  • Knowing about the famous tiger trails
  • Learning about the bird watching destinations in corbett.
  • A Hosted Dinner By Mr. Khan and his family at his beautiful homestay at corbett.

For more detail you can directly contact him at imran.therangerslodge@gmail.com | P. +91-9837185386